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current astrophysics student. i like sci fi and fantasy; game of thrones and lotr and star trek and disney and harry potter and other stuff too. i spend my time in duvets on my laptop or doing work or climbing somewhere cold or taking pictures and i play online games at 2am a lot. more about my life


Debating putting ‘demisexual’ on my blog, 

But to be honest I don’t think it makes a difference. I think that everything has to have a label now, and while it’s nice ‘knowing what you are’, and feeling comfortable with yourself and ect, I think that modern culture has changed so much that it has basically created all these labels.

Two hundred years ago I don’t think something like demisexual would have been recognised, because people naturally would have been in relationships and not have been so casual with them that there would have been no need for it to be recognised.

I digress, I might be being a hypocrite by saying this and then being like, ‘but yeh that’s what I am’, but I suppose it does feel a little better to be able to say that and make me feel like less of a ‘weirdo’.

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